Monday 1 February 2016

Barefoot Luxury in Dedon Island, Siargao

We'd been in the resort for two hours or so before I realized what had been nagging at me since we'd arrived. It was almost eerily quiet. Sounds silly, I know, but being a full-on, born and bred city mouse, it takes a while in real QUIET to fully grasp how tremendously noisy a city can be.

Had a massage at 3:30PM in the afternoon, heard ONE motorcycle, that's it. No other engines of any kind, no radio, no TV, no karaoke (thank heavens!), no telephones. Perfect.

Now it's 6:30PM, and someone's got a generator going somewhere but you almost have to strain to hear it. The main soundtrack for tonight seems to be cricket songs. There are a lot of them out here, and I think they're all in love. Perfect.