Tuesday 28 June 2016

Bienvenue à Toulouse!

With an ongoing beach house project, supplier meetings and a hectic work schedule,  the big K and I weren't planning on any long haul vacation anytime soon. So for our birthday getaway treat we were looking forward to simply relaxing by the beach in the company of a good book while sipping our favorite Mojito drink all day long. Sweet!

But happily, things don't always work out as planned..... because my darling big K, on short notice, was asked to attend a training on his requested leave days, our birthday getaway! If that weren't enough, his training was all the way in Toulouse, France! (Insert big smiley face here!)

Needless to say with barely a month to prepare for the trip, I was all in a frenzy gathering papers needed for my Shengen visa application (Aah! The perks of a citizen from a 3rd world country!). Aaaand.... I also had to come up with a two-week itinerary. Yup! The big K got his vacation days moved after his training so we could go on a side trip. (Insert another BIG smiley... wait, make that grinning-Cheshire-cat face here!)

The oldest fountain in Toulouse at Place Saint-Étienne.