Sunday 14 July 2013

Food Tripping at Abaca Restaurant

Having booked our stay at the Abaca Resort, the big K and I were looking forward to another foodie adventure because we heard that the resort had a restaurant that was famed for its gastronomic offering. Good luck my diet!

Abaca Restaurant has been serving California-Mediterranean inspired menus since 2006. It had gained popularity among Cebuanos and local tourists because of its good food at affordable prices. It was actually the restaurant that came first followed by the hotel two years after.  

The restaurant also doubles as their reception area for guests checking in at the resort.
The open-air restaurant as well as the rest of the resort use native materials that are sourced locally.

Our first taste of Abaca's famed menu was their flat bread pizza. Being fans of Four Cheese pizzas we wanted to try their version of it. Abaca's four cheese pizza was made from parmesan, goat's cheese, mozzarella and cheddar on a thin crust and baked in their wood-fired oven. Instead of the typical round pizza, theirs was rectangular and cut into squares with basil leaves sprinkled with fine parmesan cheese on top. The serving was good enough for two. Or one if you're really hungry.  

Watermelon shake and a salad with our pizza. Yummy! 
Abaca's wood-fired oven at their open-air kitchen. 

After that first meal the big K and I knew we were in for a treat! We couldn't wait for our next meal. Well, I'll just let our pictures do the talking.....

Roasted chicken with buttered beans and dirty mash. Eight "finger-lickin good" slices of chicken baked in their wood-burning oven. The dirty mash was so good, I purposely decided not to think what it would do to my hips!
Breakfast with a view!

Banana and mango pancakes for the big K.

Abaca's baked skillet omelette for me! Talk about blissfully forgetting what this would do to my thighs. But hey this was breakfast and lunch rolled into one although at 8 in the morning. In case you're wondering I just had water for lunch..... 

Fruit platter and assorted breads and pastries with different homemade jams.

Cebu Lechon

Cebu is known for its great tasting lechon unfortunately it wasn't in the restaurant's menu. But just to show you how fantastic it was at Abaca, affable G earlier in the day asked us if we wanted to have lechon for dinner. We, of course, said yes but we didn't want to leave the resort.  

"No problem! We can send your butler to buy you lechon. Would a kilo be enough and some hanging rice to go with it?" said the affable G.

Wow! Really?! The big K and I were completely surprised (and started drooling!) that this was possible. Talk about excellent service! 

Cebu lechon and puso (hanging rice). Not wanting to be greedy, the big K and I requested only 
half a kilo of the crispy, golden, and mouth-watering lechon.

Our lechon was even served nicely, lechon a la haute cuisine! We felt the envious stares of the other diners in the restaurant!
The healthy token to our sinful lechon, salad with beets, arugula and bleu cheese.
Abaca's popular Mojito. It was great! As soon as we got home, the big K tried to replicate the recipe. Oh! And he's still working on it.
To finish off our great tasting meal, we were given a complimentary leche flan by the restaurant. Leche Flan is a popular Filipino dessert made from sweet condensed milk, sugar and egg yolks.

Restaurant with a View

We decided to have breakfast at the restaurant on our last day to enjoy the nice view of the sea.
Instead of the assorted breads and pastries we had the day before, we requested their tasty homemade pandesal.  
Fearing complaints from my weighing scale when I get home, I decided to have the smoked salmon omelette that came with asparagus, capers, red onions and herb cream cheese.
The big K had their popular eggs benedict. Poached eggs on crostini with shaved ham, chive hollandaise and herb potato hash.  

Abaca's Mangkono (ironwood) table. Be sure to ask the story of this table when you dine at Abaca. 

Abaca Restaurant
Punta Engano Rd. 
Lapu-lapu City

Tel. no. +63 32 495 3461


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