Friday 9 November 2012

Prague: Choo-choo trains!

While in Bangkok with the big K in one of his company trips, I saw this restaurant featured in one of the travel shows on TV. It had a miniature railroad running around the restaurant. It was a complete railway network with tunnels, draw bridges, ponds, rock formations, houses and trees. Nothing out of the ordinary you'd say, right? But, wait until you see the trains! What makes this place one of a kind are the miniature trains that chug along the tracks, carts loaded up with drinks and serving them straight to your table. Now how cool is that?  

And, where is this unique restaurant? In Prague, of course!  

The Vytopna Railway Restaurant is located in Nové Město (New Town) along Wenceslas Square in a building with big picture windows facing the square, makes for great people watching while waiting for your orders. Of course, the big K and I were otherwise entertained train-watching with matching "I've-got-to-take-a-picture-of this-train!" moments.   
Conveniently the bar and WC are in the same direction. You can't have one without the other.
Before we left for Europe, I made reservations for dinner knowing that the place can be packed. Good thing I did as the restaurant was starting to fill up when the big K and I got there. We didn't want to miss the chance of experiencing this novelty. Touristy perhaps, but it isn't everyday you get to see your drinks being brought to your table by miniature trains.   
Here comes a train just leaving the central (bar) station!

And there she goes!
Here comes our beer! 
Czech beers are great! Krusovice dark beer and the Pilsner-Urquell lager.
Didn't know RC Colas are still around. Haven't had those since way back in the 80s!
It had been a long day with lots of walking. So a heavy, greasy meal washed down with good Czech beer was just what we needed. We ordered the house specialties. For the big K, the golden-roasted duck with red cabbage and Carlsbad dumpling while I had their golden, crispy fried pork neck schnitzel with fine potato puree. The service was efficient, food was good and surprisingly affordable too.

Good meal, great beer, a perfect ending to the day. Time to head back home!
Wenceslas Square, New Town

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