Saturday 1 December 2012

Prague: Jewish Quarter and the Thirsty Deer

Arriving at the Jewish Quarter, the big K and I were wondering why there weren't too many people around. Seemed like we left everyone at the Prague Castle. Or the place was just not popular with visitors. Anyway, it was quite a relief really after having to deal with the crowd at Prague Castle.

Heading straight to the Old Jewish Cemetery, we saw that the gates were closed. Uh-oh, now what? "Closed for the Holiday" a sign said. Really? It was a holiday? We later found out it was Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. Just goes to show how little we know of the Jewish religion.

So, the big K and I ended up just walking around, admiring the beautiful buildings and browsing the shops that were open (obviously they weren't Jewish).

I love the sunflower door on this apartment building. And it comes with a clock too!
Pastel colored buildings in the Jewish Quarter.
If the apartment entrance is this gorgeous, I wonder how the inside of it looks like.
Art Deco on the walls of the buildings.
Seems like we wandered into the hoity-toity part of town. Lots of nice-looking apartments and shops. 

Quite severe-looking but still beautiful.

After another full and satisfying day of walking and enjoying the sights, the big K and I decided to head back home. But before calling it a day we dropped by this local restaurant recommended by Kristina to have our dinner. 

The big K and I like going to restaurants frequented by locals since we know these are the places where you can get really good food that have no tourist price tags. The Restaurace U Žíznivého jelena or the Thirsty Deer is one such place. Typical of traditional Prague pub-restaurants it has two seating options, the smoking area on the ground floor or street level where the bar is also located and the non-smoking stone cellar/cavern in the basement.

Of course, we have to start with the beer. Staropramen non-filtered draught beer.
Staropramen bottled beer
I like it when restaurants don't skimp on their bread specially if it's as good as the Thirsty Deer's.
The meat and the salmon that came with the salad were so good!
One of their specialties, roasted side of pork with mustard and fresh horse radish. The thing's so huge, it was also breakfast the next day.

After the belly-busting dinner and great beer, the big K and I could barely move. Good thing the hotel was just a few steps away. Off to lalaland we go. Dobrou noc! Good night! 

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