Wednesday 26 December 2012

Hong Kong Anniversary Trip Part 2

Two of the things we look forward to every time we go to Hong Kong is the food and the shopping. Not necessarily in that order. This time was no different. Once again we had our fill of traditional Hong Kong chow. We also discovered a new store that sells quirky, novelty items.

Flaky, gooey egg tarts and pork pies, still steaming from the oven, from our favorite bakeshop in TST.

Lemon chicken, spicy noodles and boiled beef tripe and offal.
Machang or sticky rice, plain noodles with vegetables, spicy shrimp dimsum and garlic vegetables.
Beef tripe in noodle soup and steamed pork with vegetables.
A typical hole in the wall restaurant. The food is roll-your-eyes-and-make funny-cooing-noises good but for the love of God DO NOT look at how it's prepared.
Typically meat is left to simmer for hours, days even. 
Roasted goose and duck
The big K and I just had to take one home. 

The big K and I also checked out Hong Kong's tallest mall. The One is located along Nathan Road in TST and has 29 floors to satisfy any serious shopper, writer included.

No idea what the thing was with the tofu but they look kinda creepy cute.
Now would you buy something named Cowshed?
Hmmm... Wear chocolate? Almost sounds kinky.
The Lost & Found store sells quirky novelty items. 
A glorified box for the discriminating cat.
Want to know what you'll look like with a new nose without going for a nose job?
VW bus organiser.
They come in small sizes too!
Happy Man indeed!
Another happy guy!
Lounge chair made from cast iron heaters. Perfect for households with cats just like ours! 

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