Saturday 12 January 2013

Bang Namphueng Floating Market, Bangkok

We found the perfect place to stay. Now it's off to market! 

Getting ourselves bicycles from the hotel, we were happily pedaling our way to market. Well, almost.  

Now, I do not want to reveal my age, but suffice to say that it had been more than twenty years since I'd been on a real, live bicycle. Stationary exercise bicycles don't count. Now who said that you never forget to ride a bicycle? Apparently they didn't know what they were talking about. 

So, here you have a long-time, no-ride rider, combined with raised, narrow walkways, lizards, locals, dog droppings strategically placed in the middle of the path. You now what's going to happen next, right? Let's just say I had to quickly remember how it is to ride a bike!   
See what I mean? The pathways only had railings on one side while some didn't have any at all.
After some minor spills and bruises we finally managed to reach the Bang Namphueng floating market. 

The market located along a canal is open only on weekends from 8AM to 2PM.
Floating markets need floating kitchens. Tasty dishes cooked right in front of you.  
The Bang Namphueng floating market is not as touristy as the other floating markets. It's as close to an authentic Thai floating market as one can get. 
Crispy shrimps.
No idea what these are but barbecuing makes everything smell good.
These we tried and they were perfect! Sweet and spicy.
Fresh-made sausages. Wonder what they do with the drippings....
Huge vats of Thai dishes. The Mu phalo (middle dish) is a favorite of mine. It is made from pork stewed in soy sauce, garlic, ginger and Thai 5-spice powder and is always served with hard boiled eggs. It reminds me of our local adobo dish. 
Care for some crunchy bugs?
Sweet coconut pudding (Khanom tako), a dessert unique to Thailand. 
More sweet stuff!
Ma Haw, traditional Thai pork and pineapple hors d'oeuvres. 
Colorful coconut candies.
Strange looking Gac fruit (spring bitter cucumber), the juice is pretty sweet.
Surrounded by the Chao Phraya river, we of course have water plants, water lilies and water spinach (kangkong).
Clean and spacious aisles. The vendors in this market even wear uniforms, pink tops.
Drinks served in bamboo glasses.
Sweet guavas and the bell-shaped Champoo (makopa)
For a few Thai bahts one can rent one of these to paddle around the canals.

How to get to the Bang Namphueng Floating market.


  1. Love floating market food! So much to try. I just keep hoping they wash the dishes and utensils with non-river water. LOL!

    1. I didn't ask. I might not want to know the answer! LOL!


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