Thursday 3 January 2013

Paris: Marché Richard Lenoir

One of the things the big K and I love doing every time we travel is to check out the local markets of the places we visit. We enjoy looking, more so eating our way through one. On our recent trip to Paris the big K and I went to the Marché Richard Lenoir, sometimes also referred to as the Marché Bastille since it is located right across the Place de la Bastille. 

The open street market is open every Thursdays and Sundays from 7AM until 3PM.
Let's start with the breads.
This is bread heaven!
Now where else can you find bread stored this way?
We now go to the cheeses....
La madame vendeuse was a bit dour but the cheeses she was selling were delightful.
These crottins were so good! Crottins are made from goat cheese.
Of course, we have to have the meat to go with the bread. The Poulet Roti is  the local version of our own Andok's roasted chicken.
Notice the potatoes on the bottom of the rotisseries? They are cooked with the chicken drippings. No waste there! And they are "finger-lickin" good too!
More meat.....
Care for some soup no. 5?
In case you're wondering what soup number 5 is, it is a Filipino soup delicacy made from the bull's testes. It is said to be an aphrodisiac. Of course, our friends in America have the Rocky Mountain Oysters.
Ready to eat meats. The noix de jambon was very tasty.
For the health-conscious, veggies and fruits.
The small plastic containers in the middle contain truffles, the "diamond of the kitchen" as one French gourmand called it. Whatever it's called, a pound of it can cost - wait for it - $3,600!
Then there was the seafood section.
Care for some uni?  

Of course the market had offerings other than food stuff...

Place de la Bastille

Richard Lenoir market info:

Open Thursdays and Sundays from 7AM to 3PM
Metro: Bastille or Bréguet Sabin


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  2. Thank you! I had lots of fun taking them. And thank you for visiting my blog. =)

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