Friday 19 October 2012

Amsterdam: Art and Bags (not the eye kind.....)

After a hearty breakfast and another oh-dear-we-forgot-about-the-time chat with Carlos, the big K and I were finally off on another fun-filled day.

Our first stop, Rembrandtplein or Rembrandt Square. We were pleasantly surprised to find an art market set up at the square. The big K and I thoroughly enjoyed the different displays of sculptures, paintings and drawings done by local artists. It was so tempting to take home an item or two as souvenirs of our visit but the big K didn't fancy lugging a painting on a three week trip. 
There's Mr. Rembrandt making sure all goes well. 
Thorbeckeplein, between Rembrandtplein and Herengracht. Every Sunday from March to October a modern art market is set up here. Too bad the big K and I missed it by a day!

From Rembrandtplein we were off to see the Tassenmuseum or Bag Museum at Herengracht. Yup, you read it right, Amsterdam has a museum of bags! Thanks to Carlos the big K was somewhat reluctantly encouraged to come to the museum with me instead of hanging out at one of the bars back at Rembrandtplein while waiting for me to finish my pilgrimage at the bag shrine.
Now where are you? The map said somewhere here. Meanwhile the big K was secretly hoping I'd miss that poster of a bag up ahead.

I would have missed the museum if it were not for the picture of the bag. 

The only picture of a bag I was able to take apart from the one at the entrance is this bag that was part of the garden ornament since taking pictures of their collection was not allowed. At least I got a cat to pose in the picture!
What started with one bag grew into a collection of more than 4000, spanning from the 16th century until the present. They even have one from our infamous former First Lady. Quite an amazing collection! Even the big K was impressed. Of course he would never admit to that. 
The museum is housed in this 17th century canal house. The dining room still has its original ceiling painting from 1682.

After seeing all those wonderful purses, we were all bagged out. Time to get us some lunch!

Next post: Lunch is Served!

Amsterdam Bag Museum website.

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