Monday 22 October 2012

Amsterdam: Lunch is served!

Lunch was proving to be quite a challenge. It wasn't as much a question of where to eat but what to eat! Everything looked good! Breads, cheeses, herring, sweets and the list goes on.... We didn't know where to start!

Solution? Try everything! 
A bit pricey but oh so good!
Look Ma, no gloves! Don't be surprised to see vendors handle your food without gloves. And without missing a beat accept your payment. Not for the squeamish.
One of our favorites! Raw salted herring with onions and pickles. One of the staples of Amsterdam street food.
Can't get enough of these herb Gouda cheeses
Why not pancakes for lunch? Plain one for the big K and the works for me! That would be with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries, please.
Now for dessert.....
Sugar overload with these Dutch waffles
And Dutch Homemade ice cream. 
The big K and I were so stuffed we could hardly breathe! It was so tempting to go back to our B&B and sleep. But much of Amsterdam awaits, so we off we go!

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