Saturday 27 October 2012

Tot Ziens Amsterdam, Till We Meet Again!

Our last day in Amsterdam, the big K and I decided to splurge a little bit for dinner. Read: find a local restaurant that will serve good food, cold beer and not cost an arm and a leg. But where?

In the meantime, we went to the nearby cheese shop to look for some  good ole cheese (we did get to buy a four year old Gouda) that we could snack on on the night train to Prague. 
Cheese heaven!
They say pigs can fly, apparently so do cows.
Found a four-year old Eden cheese in our fridge but it wasn't as good as this four-year old Gouda.
The cheese shop also doubled as a cheese museum.

As luck would have it, we overheard the cheese guy recommend to another customer apparently in the same boat as us, a local restaurant that served good food. Trying out my best impersonation of a spy, I took notes of the restaurant's location. "Go around the back, make a left at the flower shop then hang a slight left, right by the dead tree which isn't there anymore, pass the parked van whose color is tan, look for Dan who'll be talking to Fran holding the golden AN...." Huh?

Actually, it was just down the street from the shop. 

The De Reiger (The Heron) we later found out is one of the oldest pubs in the Jordaan district. It still had its original interiors from the late 1800s, high-beamed ceilings, old lamps and paintings in the Art Deco style. The pub was later transformed into what it is today a cafe-restaurant primarily serving Burgundian cuisine. Hmmm..... No Dutch food? Nevertheless, the food and beer were good!  
The sign is upside down and it is for beer. The two may be connected. 

Our bellies content and our hearts filled with wonderful memories of our visit, we bid Amsterdam Tot ziens! Until we meet again!


  1. Beautiful photos of your travels! :D I am wondering what the herring tastes like. I had no idea it was the street food in Amsterdam. I should've tried it when we went a few years ago. I did stuff myself with bread and waffles and other good things though. :)


    1. Thank you, Abi! Herring's kinda like our local fermented fish (ginamos in the Visayas) but less salty and bigger. Couldn't get enough of it. =)


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