Tuesday 16 October 2012

Amsterdam: Sunhead Canal House Inn (formerly Sunhead of 1617 Bed and Breakfast)

If you're wondering what happened between breakfast at Sara's and day 2 is that nothing much happened. We were told earlier that our room would be available by 11 AM so we decided to go back to Sunhead, freshen up before we joined our free walking tour of Amsterdam at 1 PM. Well, that was the plan. 

It was too early for the tour so we decided to take a little nap, just a little. Oh dear, it must have been the most comfortable bed or our age was showing (I'd like to think it was the former) that we woke up at midnight. Oh well, there goes day 1. At least we had those pancakes to show for.

Carlos' Famous Delicious Breakfast 

Before heading out to start our adventure on day 2 we were served what may be one of the things Sunhead's known for, Carlos' famous delicious breakfast. The likable Carlos asked us if we had any diet restrictions or preferences.  We'll eat anything remotely edible.

We started with a raspberry smoothie and freshly-squeezed orange juice followed by an omelette with salmon fillets, asparagus and prosciutto bits served with couscous and juicy tomato slices on the side. Breakfast also included croissants and bread with assorted jams and cheeses. All this washed down with coffee freshly brewed and prepared by Carlos' partner Roelf-Jan. 

Apparently, Roelf-Jan wasn't yet up to speed with the coffee machine, which was why all of his attempts at foam art for our cappuccinos were really rather hopeless. About the best he could do was "some clouds, or somesing", his words.  And to be sure, he got quite good at his clouds at the end. But the coffee was always very good regardless.

Good food to start the day!

Carlos and Roelf-Jan are real gems - they serve a good meal, and they are entertaining and gracious to a fault.  It would have been very easy to linger after breakfast and simply chat the morning away about nothing in particular.  As it was, we never got to leave Sunhead before 10:30 or so.  Really messed up our schedule, but we weren't complaining.

The big K and I enjoy things like this very much, as it gives us a splendid opportunity to get a feel for life there as the locals live it, and it makes the trip all the richer for it.

Update: 01November2014

After two decades of serving his famous delicious breakfast, Carlos will be trading in his breakfast apron for traveling pants. Sunhead of 1617 B&B will now be known as Sunhead Canal House Inn. Although breakfast will no longer be served by the charismatic Carlos, there will be wine and cheese in the afternoons (still something to look forward to on our next visit). 

Here's wishing Carlos and Roelf-Jan more happy travels! 

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